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To uninstall: * On Mac: Go to the /Applications/GenArtsMonstersGT folder and double click on "Uninstall". * Follow the instructions and select to register your uninstall over the web. * On Linux: Become root, and type the shell command: rpm -e mo...
The software automatically checks for updated versions. If you would like to check manually: * On Mac, go to: /Applications/GenArtsMonsters-spark/CheckForUpdates * On Linux, open a shell window, and type su to become root. Then type the following co...
Updates to your software are published on our website as the latest version of the installer and can be found by going to [].
You can find and download the installer from here: [].
Yes, Monsters GT v6 and v7 can both be installed at the same time because they are installed in different directories.
Yes, you can load projects saved on v6 and they should automatically convert to use v7.