How do I know if Sapphire is collecting usage data?
Posted by Amy Wong on 29 September 2015 02:39 PM

When you run the Sapphire v9 installer, you will be prompted "Would you like to help us improve Sapphire by sending us anonymous usage data periodically?", you can leave the question checked for "yes" or unchecked for "no".

If you would like to manually check whether Sapphire is collecting usage data, open the file usage-optin.txt in the Sapphire Applications folder.

  • On Windows, the file is in: C:\Program Files\GenArts\SapphireAE\usage-optin.txt
  • On Mac, the file is in: /Applications/GenArtsSapphireAE/config/usage-optin.txt

If the file contains the character 'y', then Sapphire is collecting usage data. If the file contains the character 'n' or the file is missing, Sapphire is not collecting usage data. You can change this at any time by re-running the installer or manually changing the contents of the usage-optin.txt file using a text editor.

Note that this data is collected to help us make better decisions on where to focus our future development efforts. The data is anonymous: we look at usage trends, not individual usage.

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