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License transfers are done on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our support team using the support form [].
Your Monsters license file will usually be supplied by e-mail and has a .lic extension. Do not edit this file in any way, you just need to copy it to the SpeedSix license folder. * On Windows platforms this can be found at: C:ProgramFilesSpeedSixLicen...
The Monsters license file can be found: * On Windows platforms the Monsters license file can be found at: C:ProgramFilesSpeedSixLicenses * On Unix platforms it can be found at: /usr/local/SpeedSix/Licenses
To read the file, open a suitable text editor (such as Wordpad on Windows platforms) and open the file from within the text editor. The license expiry date is noted in the file.
All Monsters licenses for this platform are node-locked to the individual computer. Floating licenses are not available.