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To uninstall: * On Windows, go to Start->All Programs->GenArts Monsters GT for After Effects->uninstall. * Select "Uninstall". Follow the instructions and elect to register your uninstall over the web. * On Mac, go to /Applications/GenArtsMonste...
The software automatically checks for updated versions. If you would like to check manually: * On Windows, go to: Start -> All Programs -> GenArts MonstersGT for After Effects -> Check for Updates * On Mac, go to: /Applications/GenArtsMonsters-ae/Ch...
Updates to your software are published on our website as the latest version of the installer and can be found by going to [
You can find and download the installer from here: [].
No, installing Monsters GT v7 will overwrite your Monsters GT v6 software. This prevents multiple copies of the same effects, and allows your saved projects to automatically use the new version.
Yes, you can load projects saved on v6 and they should automatically convert to use v7.