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Why do I get colored dots over the plug-ins outputs?
Posted by Victor Lee on 01 April 2014 11:06 AM

This usually indicates your free trial period has ended, or the expiration date of your serial number has been reached. Go to the "Help" dialog while using any plugin, and it should tell you when it expired. If you acquire and enter a new valid serial number, the results should return to normal. Otherwise, please review the following list.

  1. If the Ethernet (MAC) address of your computer has changed since you ran the installer or entered your serial number, you may get this watermark because the software thinks it is running on a different machine than the one that was licensed. If you are on Windows, make sure your Local Area Connection is enabled: go to Start -> Control Panel -> Network Connections, and right click on Local Area Connection. Running the Tinder installer again may also help with this. If you need to change your Ethernet ID, you should uninstall the plug-ins before it changes, and select the option to register that uninstall, so the serial number can then be reinstalled with the new Ethernet ID.
  2. If your license is lost when connecting to ISIS, Unity, or Interplay, please see the support item below to resolve this.
  3. Make sure you have run the Tinder installer on your machine, rather than cloning, ghosting, or copying files from another workstation. If you installed by copying, just re-run the installer.
  4. Make sure the date on your computer is correct.
  5. Make sure you are not just looking at old frames rendered with the watermark before you installed your license. Change any parameter to re-render the image, or delete the precomputed clip.
  6. If your serial number is only for a single box, make sure the plug-ins you are using are included in that box.
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