Where is the RLM diagnostic log file and how do I email it?
Posted by Victor Lee on 07 February 2014 05:00 PM

Go to the RLM server's web interface. From the server machine go to http://localhost:5054 or from another machine use http://servername:5054, replacing server name as appropriate. On the left side, click on "Diagnostics". On the Diagnostics page, click on "Run Diagnostics", the Output File will tell you where the rlm diagnostic file will be saved.


Please email the file (rlmdiag.text) as an attachment.


If the RLM server is running on a Macintosh, the diagnostic may fail to properly generate the rlmdiag.text file. If the Output File path is showing "//rlmdiag.txt", an error message of "Error opening diagnostics file" may be generated. This is due to "//rlmdiag.txt" not being a valid path.


Change the path to "/Library/Application Support/genarts/rlm/rlmdiag.txt".

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