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How do I Install my Sapphire and RLM Dongle-Locked License?
Posted by Amy Wong on 23 September 2016 03:48 PM

To install Sapphire for Avid:

Step 1: Make sure that you have closed out of all host applications.

Step 2: Plug in the dongle.

Step 3: Download the Sapphire v10 for Avid installer from here:

Installer link:

Note the Windows and Mac tabs.

Step 4: Run the installer and follow the prompts.

Step 5: During the Sapphire installation process, when you are prompted to license, choose to “Enter an existing RLM license” and copy and paste the license string from your license email.

If you skipped the license installation during the initial installation process, you can follow the instructions below:

On Windows 7, go to: Start > All Programs > GenArts Sapphire AVX.  Select "Install Sapphire AVX RLM License".
On Windows 8 & 10, search for GenArts Sapphire AVX.  Select "Activate Sapphire AVX License".
On Mac, go to: /Applications/GenArtsSapphireAVX folder and double click on "Install RLM License".

Or you can find and directly modify the license file located:

On Windows: C:\ProgramData\GenArts\rlm\SapphireAVX.lic
On Mac: /Library/Application Support/GenArts/rlm/SapphireAVX.lic

Open the file with a text editor and paste in the license string from your license email.

The next time you start up Avid, the license should take effect with the dongle.



  • If the dongle drivers do not automatically detect, you can download them from here:
  • You can install Sapphire and the Sapphire license string on to as many systems that you want – you just need to plug the dongle into the system that you want to use to fully activate Sapphire.
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