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How do I access the documentation?
Posted by Victor Lee on 11 June 2015 12:05 PM

Documentation for Sapphire is installed on your machine with the software and is available in HTML and PDF formats.

  • On Windows, go to: Start -> All Programs -> GenArts SapphireAE.  Select Sapphire AE Online Help (HTML) or AE Online Help (PDF)
  • On Mac, go to: /Applications/GenArts SapphireAE.  Select Online Help.html or Online Help.pdf 

A "Help" button is also available at the bottom of the plug-in parameters, which provides information about the plug-in, your license status, and links that bring up online documentation in your HTML browser.

It includes some general information about how to load and use plug-ins, and also includes a page for each effect with an example image, description of what each parameter does, and links to related effects.

You can access this documentation directly from your workstation even if it is not connected to the internet. 

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